What I Learned From My Mother.


                My mother had seven children, which alone speaks volumes. As a mother of two I respect her so much.  How she had the patience for seven children I have no idea.  Even to this day she is fair and loving not to just her children but to her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She always has a smile on her face and something wonderful to say to you.  She is the glue that holds us together.

Here is a picture of the two of us on Mother’s day.


Last year at my son’s wedding we thought we almost lost her.  My sister had fallen in the parking lot and was taken to the hospital. My mom after pictures were taken at the church and in between the wedding and reception went to the hospital to see her and passed out and hit her head on the counter.  Meanwhile we are at the reception and had no clue what had happened.  We had to keep going with the wedding but we were all worried about her.  The next day we went to see her in the hospital and were told that for a brief moment everyone thought she was gone. But thank you God for allowing us to have our mother for another day.

MoM and Dad at Andrew's Wedding

I am sure that I have tried her patience many times over the years.  One thing I know about being a mom is that no matter what your kids do or say to you will never change how you feel about them.  We mothers can withstand the times when our children hate to have us around, hate what we are wearing, hate our rules and blame us for everything.  What makes it all worth it are the times when we see our children happy and successful.  The love of a mother is so powerful even our children won’t realize it until they themselves become parents.

So here is what I learned from my mother.

  1. Love unconditionally
  2. Always be fair
  3. This too shall pass.
  4. How to be frugal and still have fun.
  5. Always say I love you.
  6. How to cook
  7. Never change who you are.
  8. Learning never stops
  9. Be there for everything you can
  10. At the last thing on my list is….forgiveness.

Here is my mother with my son Andrew at Ferris State University for his graduation.


My mother with my daughter Ashley at her graduation from Michigan State University.



The love of a mother. Happy Mothers’ Day Mom! I love you.

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  1. Great post Amy!! You are an incredible daughter and mother! 🙂 You are very blessed. Happy Mother’s Day (a lil late!)

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