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  • Cucumber Onion Pasta Salad

    Today we had our family reunion and I had decided that with lack of time I had to make a quick and easy salad. This salad is so easy but so delicious. It is a great salad for summer occasions… Read More ›

  • My Sister

    I just wanted everyone to know why I haven’t posted in a few weeks. On July 19th my sister went to heaven. She fought for 14 years against Cancer and now is pain free and has a new body free… Read More ›

  • Garlic Shrimp Pesto Pasta

    This week has been extreme hard for me and my family. My sister Lillian has been fighting Cancer for almost 15 years. A week or so ago the doctors told her there is not much more they can do for… Read More ›

  • Banana Pancakes

    I usually don’t have time in the morning to make breakfast. But this morning I did. So I decided to make Banana Pancakes. I love bananas in the morning. They fill you up and get you going. I decided that… Read More ›

  • Chicken Sausage Skillet

    So I was bored tonight and decided to throw some stuff together and this is what was created. I had Garlic and Asiago Chicken Sausage, green pepper, and onions. Well that is a natural combination if I ever saw one… Read More ›

  • Weekend at Suttons Bay, Michigan

    So this weekend Jon and I went to Suttons Bay, Michigan. We stayed on our boat for the weekend in Suttons Bay Harbor. I must say that this by far in all our boating adventures was my favorite Harbor to… Read More ›

  • A Day on Lake Huron

    Sunday was a gorgeous day. Since nice weather has been hit or miss lately we decided to go for a boat ride from Bay City to Tawas City. It was such a beautiful day out. Right when we launched the… Read More ›