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  • Chinese Chicken Salad

    One of my favorite salads to make for a potluck style gathering is my Chinese Chicken Salad. I have to say that I have borrowed bits and pieces from a few different recipes to come up with this one. But… Read More ›

  • What did 2018 bring us?

    What did 2018 bring us? Let me start out with that 2017 was a bad year and we needed a pick me up. Something or someone to bring joy to our lives.  In 2017 Jon and I lost both our… Read More ›

  • Bacon Wrapped Provolone and Mushroom Stuffed Meatloaf

    I was scrolling thru Facebook the other day and saw this Bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe with peppers and onions stuffed in it. I thought to myself that looks amazing. But what if instead of the peppers and onions we use… Read More ›