Relay for Life

Last year in June I did my first Relay for Life.  I am forever changed by that walk. I walk for my sister Lillian who has been fighting cancer for almost 15 years. She is such an inspiration for me and my whole family.

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This is a 24 hour walk. The kick off lap to me is the most important. This lap is for all the survivors and the caregivers.  At the end of this lap I was in tears.  I had tears from watching so many people affected by Cancer.  I had tears for all the people who are survivors and are still fighting for one more birthday. When dusk comes the luminary ceremony begins. They light candles during the service and then they scroll through the list of survivors and the ones that have lost the battle to cancer. This is the most emotional part of Relay for Life. Last year our team had Chinese Lanterns which we sent off to the sky. Many other teams had them too and the skies were filled with lanterns. How amazing and beautiful. I wish I could explain what it means to be a part of something so special.  It moves me to tears when I think about what my sister has been through and is still going through.  Last year my good friends April and Tracy came from Detroit to walk with me for an couple hours and it touched me so much that they would take time out of their weekend to walk with me.

Here is a picture of April and Tracy with my parents and me.


So this weekend was April and Tracy’s Relay for Life walk.  Jon and I decided we would surprise them and show up to walk with them. April and Tracy lost their mother to Cancer a few years ago. Their team won Best Team Spirit award this weekend.  How great is that. Here is a picture of April and myself on the crazy hat lap.


Here is one with the three of us this weekend.


For those of you who are not sure what Relay for Life is this is a link from Relay for Life page that explains what it is.

I encourage you to at least go and visit a Relay for Life walk. There is so much to do. Each team has a booth that sells crafts, food or has games that you can play for prizes. The money that you spend at a Relay for Life helps that Team hit their goal. Ultimately that money goes to help find a cure for Cancer and that is the goal.

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  1. Great post Amy!! I agree, the walk is amazing. I got an opportunity to participate in one while in college. So proud of you for being such a fighter. We’re still praying for you and Lil often. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing such a moving and lovely post. Your sister is a fighter and she is blessed to be uplifted by so many who care for and support her!


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