Trial and Error of Cooking

Let me say I did not always love cooking. My first cooking experience was as a child and was not a pleasant one, even though I can laugh about it now. My mother told me to get some eggs boiling so I did. I put water in the pan, waited for it to boil and once it was boiling I cracked the eggs into the water. Yes you read it correctly I cracked the eggs into the water. I laugh now but back then I was so embarrassed. I could make cookies though. In fact one of my favorite memories is my brother Joel and I making cookies and pretending we were on a cooking show. Then we got silly and started doing the Swedish chef from the Muppet’s impersonations.

But I have had many failures. My very first turkey for Thanksgiving for example was burnt. Do you remember in the movie National Lampoon Christmas Vacation when Clark Griswold cut into the turkey and smoke came out and it shrunk like a deflated basketball? Well my turkey was not far from that. Trial and Error is a great learning tool. It teaches you what works together and what does not. This is how I come up with some very good recipes. I don’t always succeed on the first try. I will tweak a recipe to death sometimes to get it right.

There are a few recipes that I just for the life of me cannot get right. Like pie crust for example I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to make pie crust and they fail every time and every recipe. My mother even tried to help me and she makes great pie crust. We tried all day and even with her help it was not pretty. So I now know store bought crust is ok with me.

One of the great things is when you finally get it right and you know it cannot get better than this. When you have people try the recipe and they say “what did you do to this, it tastes so good”. I can never hear that enough. So never give up. Hey, you never know you might be the next Rachel Ray.

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  1. I just laughed so hard I about cried. I thought you were trying to block out the boiled egg incident. I think your next blog should be about hopaklitzer or whatever it is.

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